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السؤال : can I marry with out sex knowledge
asdeka2 2odam
asdeka2 2odam     
i am agirl at 17 and i don`t know any thing about sex ecxept from movies .and i know what happening at movies is not real .so how can I get the right information and i can`t buy books or something like this .and i was asking can the girl have sex without knowing any thing about it .will she feel hurt


Yes shecan have sex after marriage with out any knowledge before because this is ournature but of course when you gain information about it before (the true ones)this will effect positive.

You  can visit a Christian web sites like ….


theyprovide knowledge from the very beginning steps for sex…


Alsoyou can ask us for any thing you need or hesitated about.

You aremooost welcome.

I havea question…. During all your last questions I think you are a girl but yourlast sentence is (will she feel hurt) whatI understand is that you ask about your partner from the opposite sex and yousaid (she) which mean you are a boy or was it mistake from you…. Please let meknow.

Thanksagain for your trust